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2 day digital masterclass + IE 2.0 30 Day Accountability Group.



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Maybe you’re like me in the past, you’ve spent money on gym memberships, supplements, workouts plans, maybe you’ve even worked with a trainer…I did all of those things too. All the fad diets. I was very consistent on my fitness journey, yet I struggled with losing & gaining over & over again…I was tired. I felt frustrated and even exhausted at times. Very exhausted.

What I found was that the actual work I needed to be doing to lay the foundation to lose 40lbs + love myself through that process—had nothing to do with the diets, or my will power. But, the problem was the type of work I needed to do on myself in this area, I couldn’t find. I didn’t see it anywhere. I didn’t see anyone talking about it, teaching about it or living it.

Whats extra special about the Intuitive Eating 2.0 Accountability group is you get access to the recordings I did for the original 2 day Intuitive Eating Masterclass.

Which includes:

-The inner work and teachings on how to heal your metabolism I will teach you how to achieve to relationship you desire with your body.

-Recordings to my past video trainings I’ve done for my 1:1 clients.

-The exact journal prompts I used to really make things stick and love my body!

This masterclass + 30 day accountability addition is designed for women who have tried every diet under the sun. Women who want to set up the foundation to getting lasting results instead of a quick fix. You want to be inspired by a real person who has been in your shoes. You want more than just the steps on what to eat and what not to eat. You want to figure out why nothing has been working, if you are in:

-pay for your spot in Intuitive Eating 2.0
-you’ll get added to the private Facebook group (if that’s your thing, all trainings can be emailed to you directly).
-bonus content you’ll be receiving will help increase your knowledge around nutrition + get in my energy to learn how to make this sustainable.
-the exact journal prompts I used to release 40lbs the healthy way
-Access to the 2.0 Accountability Group that Begins May 2, 2022.
-Daily check-in threads
-My daily meals / recipes for inspiration and practical simple meals you can easily prepare
-Exclusive live videos for this group only
-Community of others who have similar goals as you

Click here to join and get access & change the trajectory of your relationship with your body, food, thoughts and your life.

Masterclass video Q&A


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