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June Mastermind Group with Alexis Olson

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This small group mastermind will include:
-private Facebook group
-3 live zoom workshop sessions
-resources & homework assignments
-support from me
-Q&A session

From the journaling prompts we will be utilizing here’s some of things I’ve been able to accomplish: ✍️
I paid off all my credit card debit.
Took my credit score to the low 400’s to the 700’s.
Lost 40lbs.
Made more money in a year than I ever had before working for myself on top of it.
Healed trauma.
Cleared eating disorders.
Got straight A’s.
Found my biological father.
All because I wrote and I wrote and I wrote.
Every single day. As if it already happened.
I wrote what it felt like to accomplish each thing. I wrote what the process was like. I wrote down my gratitude for each thing.
I did this so much it felt real and sometimes I got confused between my current life and the one I was writing about ????
(That’s the point).

Excited for you to be in this mastermind and unlock your fullest and best life ever!

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