Success Stories

I’m so thankful to have Alexis in my life! She has been amazing every step of the way! She is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful when it comes to a healthy life style! Alexis has shown me different food options to help boost my confidence to get back into shape and a healthy life style! If you need guidance or just not sure where to start message her!
Kristin Keaney
Tampa, Florida
Alexis has been nothing but wonderful!! She has helped me with my weight loss journey. Alexis is always available to answer questions I have and points me in the right direction. She has taken time to get to know me and I feel like she genuinely cares and wants me to succeed!! Thank you so much Alexis!!! You are so wonderful!!
Sarah Saunders
Hutchinson, Minnesota
Alexis is so inspiring and not only that she is REAL. She tells her experience and her journey and doesn’t sugar coat anything. She is so helpful and has made me feel as if I can start my journey too! Not to mention she’s a complete bad a** and an awesome woman to look up to.
Mackenize Brown
Mulvane, Kansas
Alexis is so encouraging and amazing!! She is so open and honest about her own experiences which helped me so much. She is a great coach!!
Hannah Braden
Bolivar, Missouri
I've followed Alexis for about 6 years now and I've never known anyone to be more positive, persistent and tenacious! She is no quitter and will help you reach your goals, and you'll have fun while doing it! Keep up the great work, girl!!!
Lyndsay Beech
Sudbury, Ontario
Working with you feels different than any trainer I’ve worked with before. Thank you for teaching me how to do this on my own, so I can have the tools to be successful after we are finished working together (down 4lbs in our first week working together).
Elena Patton
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
You’ve helped me SO much more than you realize!
Amy Shazad
West Forest, North Carolina
Everything is good! Eating well and exercising is easier every day. It’s actually hard for me to eat all of the food I’m supposed to. I’ve officially hit the -10 LB mark! Feels good.
Jennifer Tomich
Redondo Beach, California