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Alexis Olson specializes in individual transformations. She is different from other trainers because she meets clients where they are at. This includes designing meal plans that are fun and realistic to your schedule and lifestyle. You won’t be eating chicken, broccoli and rice every single day. Clients can expect when adhering to their nutrition program that their unique goals will be met. She is big on making fitness and health a small part of your life that becomes easy so you can spend the majority of your time living your best life!


Her philosophy is based on integration rather than restriction. Meaning, no foods are off limits as long as they “fit”. Clients receive the exact amount of protein, carbs and fats to eat everyday as well as guidelines and hacks for eating out. There will also be options to intentionally go over your macronutrients and easy to follow instructions on how to do that.


She works with clients for a minimum of 3-6 months. This is for several reasons. All bodies are different and tracking macros can really only be learned through your own experience and trial and error. After you receive your initial plan you will schedule a private call to go over it and get all your questions answered. You will also get a food guide, but because you decide what you get to eat everyday this is a tool that you will have with you for life and that you can always come back to. The goal is for you to get to know your own body and feel confident when you’re finished working together to continue doing this on your own!

Technology + Fitness = Success

All clients are coached through an app where you receive 24/7 support from her through a messaging feature. Customized at home or gym workouts that come with a video tutorial so you know exactly how to do each move with proper form. The app links to myfitnesspal so she will be able to see what you’re eating each day. Weekly check-ins are sent on Fridays and are due Mondays. This includes updating weigh-ins, progress photos and measurements. A 15 minute check-in call with her is always available to you every week.

In addition to this she hosts a Q&A group call with all the other VIP clients. This is a chance to get answers to your questions from your check-in form as well as receive the education and knowledge to be even more successful on your journey. There are also al-a-cart options below if you’re looking for a one time plan, strictly a fitness regimen, or only the nutritional program. For those doing an al-cart option one hour consultation calls are available for purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I finish the 3/6 months with you and I want to continue?

You can pay month to month after you finish your 3 or 6 month program at $250 a month.

What if I don’t see results?

Alexis has a 100% success rate for every client who has adhered to their nutrition program



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